What are you planning for your Bank Holiday?

The August bank holiday is nearly upon us and you may well be feeling the pressure to make the most of your long weekend as it’s the last one we’ll get before Christmas! If you’re struggling for inspiration, or you’re in need of a back-up plan in case the British weather is reliably unreliable, here are a few ideas from the Charters Private Wealth team to make your bank holiday a real winner.

1. Often the best way to give yourself a well needed boost and make the most of your long weekend is to get away from it all, and the additional day off lets you do just that without agonising about getting up for work soon after arriving back home! Late deals on flights and hotels can allow you to jet off at short notice without breaking the bank or, if you’d rather stay in this country, why not have a look online for theatre, hotel or holiday let deals across the UK? Here at Charters Private Wealth, we love trips to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and short breaks in the Cotswolds!

2. If the weather’s awful (and let’s face it, that’s always a major possibility), it’s a wonderful excuse for a trip to the cinema with family and friends. But why not avoid the bright lights and high prices of your nearby multiplex and go for an independent cinema? Tickets tend to be cheaper, food and drink are likely to be more diverse than buckets of popcorn and fizzy pop, and you could even find a limited release or a classic re-issue to watch that isn’t showing in your local Vue, Odeon or Cineworld. Many independent cinemas put on unique schedules for kids during the school holidays too, so the bank holiday is a perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved.

3. Tired of drinking the mid-afternoon away in the same old beer garden? Then go direct to the source and find out which breweries and distilleries are near you and offering tours. Whilst many charge an admittance fee, most include no less than a couple of drinks on the house whilst you’re there and the chance to test some more, should you wish, once the tour is over! For those looking for something more absorbing, tasting and mixing sessions give you the chance to get more hands on.

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