Why you’re here

It’s likely that you’re at a stage in your life—perhaps for the first time—when you need some unbiased and expert financial advice. This is most likely because:

  • You’re considering selling a business;
  • You’re approaching retirement and want to know what your options are;
  • You have concerns about Inheritance Tax;
  • You’ve accumulated substantial wealth which you want managed by a professional;
  • You’re expecting a windfall;
  • Your financial affairs are unorganised and need putting in order;
  • You’ve lost faith in your bank or existing financial adviser, or you’re seeking a second opinion on a particular issue or your financial position overall.

Your position in life

If you live or work in Stratford-upon-Avon, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwick, Henley-in-Arden, North Cotswolds, Solihull, East Worcestershire or one of the surrounding areas and you have savings, investments or pension funds amounting to at least £500,000—or the desire to accumulate at least that level of wealth—you’re the type of person we tend to work with.

If you have yet to retire, you’re likely to be a successful Chief Executive Officer, professional, entrepreneur or business owner. Or you may be retired (or approaching retirement) and wish to maximise your income and minimise the eventual impact of Inheritance Tax on your heirs.

You probably don’t have the time or inclination to spend your evenings and weekends poring over your finances or preparing a detailed long-term financial plan.

You may also feel you don’t have the necessary in-depth knowledge to do the job justice.

So you are very definitely considering delegating the job to a qualified financial planner!

A trusted, long term relationship

You may be coming to the conclusion that the best way of attaining the kind of lifestyle you desire would be to establish a long-term relationship with a team of professionals.

You no doubt appreciate that, although you’ll be working to a plan, the benefits of financial planning won’t materialise overnight.

But you are looking forward to the peace of mind that comes from dealing with the same people year on year and you understand that the provision of expert advice is worth paying for.