VouchedFor: why has it gained so much attention of late?

VouchedFor’s 2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers has recently gained interest through social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

What is VouchedFor?

VouchedFor is an adviser directory that helps consumers connect with advisers including IFAs / Financial Advisers, Mortgage Advisers, Legal Advisers and Accountants.

VouchedFor’s mission has always been to help consumers get access to the best advice for them. It does this using over 105,000 verified client reviews and extensive adviser checks, which provide powerful, independent validation of the great work many advisers are doing for their clients.

Can VouchedFor’s ratings and reviews be trusted?

VouchedFor goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure client reviews on the site are genuine.

– It monitors numerous data to detect potentially fraudulent reviews, conducting investigations wherever required.

– It asks professionals to verify each reviewer is a genuine client—which means unlike most review sites, it knows exactly who’s behind any fraud it spots.

– Where a professional does not verify a reviewer, VouchedFor contacts the reviewer to verify their identity—so professionals can’t just verify the clients they know like them!

– VouchedFor never edits reviews—whether good or bad—but it does provide advisers a public right of reply.

Ratings and reviews are based on feedback from genuine clients, which is extremely useful if you’re looking to contact a local professional.

What is VouchedFor’s 2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers?

VouchedFor’s 2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers is a year-long campaign. It will reach millions through print and digital channels and will build public confidence in advice.

What is the criteria for inclusion?

For advisers to be featured they must:

– Have received at least 10 reviews since January 2018;

– With an average rating of 4.5 or more out of 5 stars; and

– Have been fully checked and vetted by VouchedFor

Michael’s rating

We are delighted that our Managing Director and Chartered Financial Planner, Michael Harvey, has recently been included in the guide.


Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Michael Harvey, Coventry


A selection of Michael’s reviews

Read what Michael’s clients say about him:

“To be candid I would struggle to suggest how Michael could improve on his meeting with me. The pre work completed was excellent, the questions relevant and thought provoking, the commentary/summary was excellent. I would not hesitate in recommending Michael to anyone who needs a timely/comprehensive review and action plan re financial situation.”

“Mike is very diligent and understands our views, ideas and helps to deliver positive solutions.”

“I had become somewhat limited in my outward perspective with regard to my financial position. Michael asked in depth questions around my wider financial/lifestyle radar which prompted me to re-examine my thinking and my plans. No previous financial adviser had done this. This in turn led to wholly relevant financial review rather than mere investment/pension advice – which was also excellent and wholly relevant to myself and my profile.”

“Seriously, we cannot fault his service. I have known other advisors who disappear once they have got their commission from investing and only do a brief review once a year. Michael provides a quality service and has become a friend.”

“Michael is very approachable and takes time explaining things in clear detail, so I am able to grasp the concepts and understand what is available. I can then make informed choices.”

“Michael gave first class advice at a fair cost and is honest and trustworthy. If my circumstances were different I would extend the range of services that he could look after for me.”

“He has been willing to handle paperwork associated with investments, pension contributions and withdrawals. He has a really personal and friendly approach.”

“He managed to provide a smooth and cost effective transition from old to new and provide clear and fair advice.”

“The family road map has proved to have had some immediate financial benefits and identified some gaps in other areas which needed to be addressed. Experience so far has been excellent and we continue to work with Michael on an ongoing basis.”

“Great knowledge of the options available and pro’s and con’s.”

“I may not be an expert, but I feel confident that Michael is looking after our interests in the way we want to live our lives. The drawdown pension has outperformed the markets and allows us to have a comfortable lifestyle. He is always available if we need him and has even attended meetings with my wife’s business accountant.”

“Mike is well versed in the field of Financial Planning and pensions and continues to provide excellent service.”

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