4 ideas to keep the kids occupied during lockdown

Keeping children occupied can be difficult at the best of times. Keeping them entertained at home during the coronavirus lockdown, with severe restrictions, may seem nigh on impossible. But here are a few ideas we hope might help to fill some of the days:

1. A mini bake-off

While you’re all inside a lot of the time, cooking and baking can be an enjoyable activity for kids of all ages. Even young children can help out in the kitchen and getting them involved will teach them invaluable culinary skills. You could focus on easier recipes like cookies or biscuits that don’t require too many ingredients and move on to more adventurous menus with the older ones.

2. Getting crafty

There are a whole host of possibilities for some really creative projects and for once, there is plenty of time to devote to them. Why not set up your very own family card factory? Children love making cards and it’s a great way of staying in touch with family members you’re not seeing face to face right now. They could even try some hand and foot painting on them for the ultimate personal touch. Collecting a range of different sized and shaped stones and painting them, rainbow chalk drawings on the pavement and jewellery making out of pasta are just some other ideas that might appeal.

3. A scavenger hunt

This type of hunt works well if you’re catering for a wide age range, as the younger children can focus on looking for treats you add in at random, while the older ones put their energy towards finding the harder clues, which lead to the bigger prizes.

Now’s your chance to get creative and set some great clues, referring to family members or specific elements of your home. We’ll give you one to start you off! “For your next direction, where might you see your reflection…?” There are always plenty online if you don’t have time.

4. An obstacle race

The Tokyo Olympics may have been cancelled for this year but that doesn’t stop you setting up your own mini version in your garden. Search the shed for poles, buckets and plant pots and get your children to help lay out a suitably challenging course. Set your stopwatch and watch them sprint round. You could even set up a step ladder as a makeshift podium and award some medals.

Can you think of other ideas that should be added to this list? Feel free to get in contact and let us know, you can call us on 01789 263888 or email hello@charterswealth.co.uk.