3 great ideas for your bucket list!

Bucket lists are, of course, very personal things. We will all have things that we want to do and places that we want to travel to that don’t necessarily match with everyone else’s ambitions. However, bucket lists can also be remarkably difficult to create! Remember being a child in a sweet shop? It’s a similar thing when you begin to think about all of the possibilities for wonderful travel, fulfilling experiences or mind-blowing events! To help you to consider what you want to do in later life then, here are three ideas from the Charters Private Wealth team, which might inspire some additions to your bucket list.

1. Time a bucket list event perfectly!

Timing a bucket list event perfectly can be particularly satisfying and can help you to tick off more of your list in one go than you perhaps thought possible. For example, there are stories of people travelling to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 and then going on to Peru to visit Machu Pichu (and with it the South American continent)! There are even some stories of people arriving in Rio for carnival in February and hanging around South America until the tournament began in mid-June.

2. Accomplish a significant feat of learning

Here at Charters Private Wealth, we love learning and can completely understand why some people, particularly in later life and middle age, miss the experience of formal learning that they may have had at school and university. With remote, at home or independent learning though, it’s still feasible to achieve the same rewards available at more formal places of education. Perhaps you want to learn an instrument, a new language or practical skill—the opportunities for increasing your knowledge still further in later life are varied and vast!

3. Travel through a whole country or region

If you’re anything like us, you may already have a detailed trip in mind that would work for this item, or you may need to look up some of the well-known ‘great treks’. How about travelling through the Amazon? Hopping around the Pacific islands? Or making it through every state in the USA? The possibilities for great trips are limitless and hugely rewarding!

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